When android apps and downloads close when minimized (solved)

Android devices were made to function like a pc, a pc without a keyboard of course. So when apps are minimized, one should be able to get back to them at the point where it was minimized. But some android users have had to deal with apps closing on them anytime they are minimized. These includes downloads, browsers and other third party apps like screen savers and themes. 

Online solutions talk about upgrading to a newer android version to solve this issue, but I can authoritatively tell you it won’t solve the problem so do not bother to upgrade.
Online solutions also ask you to check your phone and individual app settings and turn off background app closing commands, but you realize on getting to that feature that it has already been turned off.
So in the absence of any meaningful help you resort to use your phone that way.
Do not lose hope, I have the solution and its simple. No third party app needed, it’s all in your phone.

1. locate and open SYSTEM MANAGER, I don’t think it’s under settings as mine is not.

2. click the gear sign at the top right corner

A list of apps will open, you will notice that the apps already listed inside this PROCESS WHITE LIST doesn’t close when minimized. You can add and remove apps in this white list. Meaning that any app that is not here will get closed whenever they are minimized. Below this list you will see ADD INTO WHITE LIST


A list of all apps on your phone opens with a check box to the right, simply select the apps that normally closes and then click OK

That’s done! 

NOTE that this white list was created by your phone maker to help protect your android battery from draining quickly.

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4 thoughts on “When android apps and downloads close when minimized (solved)

  1. So happy to finally find a lasting solution to this problem on my phone, have upgraded my android version so many times just to try and solve it, no way! Tried this and it worked like magic Thank you Yubee!

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