We all have friends on our Whatsapp contact list who make very interesting posts on their statuses, some are very funny, others very educating and we would love to have these posts on our devices too, probably to share online or show to friends and family offline. Unfortunately, Whatsapp doesn’t have a Whatsapp status share or save button yet, to enable us share such posts to our friends so we simply message the poster “pls send”

 You can get such posts without asking the poster to send.

It is worthy of note that all Whatsapp status posts, both videos and photos that we have viewed or attempted to view saves directly to our devices automatically. The period it takes to load is when it is downloading to our devices, and once it is downloaded to our devices we can view it.

So where does this Whatsapp status post download itself to?

A folder!!

This is how to locate it:

1.            Open “FILE MANAGER” folder from your device’s menu (depending on your device brand, this is simply the directory where all the files on your internal and external storage appear)

2.            Select “WHATSAPP” folder

3.            Select “MEDIA” folder

4.            When it opens, enable VIEW HIDDEN FOLDERS

5.            A folder named “.STATUSES” appears when VIEW HIDDEN FOLDERS has been enabled.

6.            Open “.STATUSES” to see all status you have viewed or tried to view.

Still don’t get it? You can download and watch this little video for more clarification.

Note that if you have auto Junk cleaner app installed on your device, you may meet an empty “.STATUSES” folder. This is so because the content of the “.STATUSES” folder is programmed to look like junk files, so once the status expires, the app deletes everything in the folder.

Hope that was helpful? Feel free to tell us how helpful it was.

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