Where are the Destiny Kids??

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Have you ever been in a gathering and some “grown ups” start to discuss “back in the days” topics? They would be so nostalgic about it and usually when the discussion has gone on for some time they would notice you since you haven’t been contributing to the discussion and then they would shake their head at you and say “hmmm, my dear you indomie kids would never know of such things, those were good old days” 

Well well I also have what to be telling my kids about the “good old days” lol, check this out, “remember those good old days? yes those days of destiny kids“, that sounded somehow, not to worry before then I would have added a lot of exaggeration to that phrase and make it very nostalgic and tempting so my kids would wish they were born back then too. lol.

A lot of us would still remember the song “joy joy joy, in my heart is ringing, joy joy joy hmm hmm hmm” it went like that, don’t blame me, its been a while, like 10 years? but I remember my younger ones wouldn’t allow me to watch any other thing on the TV, all day long this CD was always on repeat! 

The Destiny kids back then were a gospel singing group of five (5) kids who really won the hearts of many homes worldwide. Little kids were so obsessed with them, I can imagine them seeing kids of their own age singing on TV while they sat at home and swallowed eba, lols. They performed at many concerts and church functions back then. They were linked to one or two scandals back then too, that was understandable seeing that they are celebrities, but those scandal rumours didn’t pull these kids back. Their songs were written by their dad Deacon Stephen Iwueze. I was one of their biggest fan, yes I can proudly say that because my dad bought all their albums or so I thought.
So where are the Destiny Kids? Are they still kids? definitely not! 
Favour Iwueze, Rejoice Iwueze, Joshua Iwueze, Best (baby) Iwueze and Caleb Iwueze, where are you guys, I started looking for them, I searched mountains, valleys, across oceans and tadaaa I found them, but they were kids no more, still very modest and lovely, check out their photos below.
I can only recognize Favour and rejoice, I don’t know the rest anymore. I love you guys, and I hope we will hear something from you guys again and hope those voices are still intact?


9 thoughts on “Where are the Destiny Kids??

  1. they have grown but there song have not grown, they are all mature so they should sing mature song not donkey or are you living in a old man rubbi or want.

  2. mature people do thing in a mature way and not in a baby way still calling yourself destiny kids and still singing like kids, when all of you have grown up. how old is wonderful.is she still a baby is she 7 or 8 please you all have grown so act like one and sing mature song, not all this premature or baby song. i love u all and i have all your song with me both rejoice album change and other. the other song i like in volume 11 is i am so glad by wonderful. the rest are story pls sing mature song that somebody can sing in church as a special number. thank and luv u all.

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