Few reasons why your followers dont like your photos on Instagram

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There was a time my friends used to ask me “are you on Instagram?
I would be like “Instagram, Instagram….yeah I think I have an account but I don’t really post much”
“Oh babe you are missing!!!”
Then I decided to become more serious with this Instagram thing, and then another problem arose, few or no likes on photos posted.

I upload a photo on Facebook, with my ugly face I still get well over 80 likes and about 30 comments but it’s not the same with Instagram, on Instagram it’s like everyone else is busy uploading theirs and so no one cares what exactly you are uploading.
That’s what I thought initially, but I realized otherwise later. It’s a general problem with Instagram worldwide, your followers don’t match your likes, I see Beyonce with over 50 million followers and the highest likes she gets on a photo is about 4 million, what happened to the rest? Upon the pains to get followers and then after you’ve gotten them, no likes still? I mean I have seen some handles looking funny with over 10k followers and yet when a photo is uploaded, it manages to get only about 200 likes. So why do your followers not like my photos, everyone gets hundreds of likes but me and it feels like they dislike me secretly.

I can’t answer your questions because any attempt at answering it is purely speculative as no one is capable of knowing why someone else does or does not like a photo. However, I can provide you with some reasons that might help you sort it out.

First things first, please don’t estimate your personal worth based on whether or not anyone is liking your photos on Instagram. Since I can’t answer the question I will provide advice on how to conduct your own investigation to determine what you could possibly do differently, if anything, to garner likes for your photos. Let’s discuss some reasons now. The following list should help you get started.

1. Your followers are not your friends in real life
There is this response your friend gives to you whenever your name is mentioned or your photo is shown somewhere, especially if you are a very friendly and jovial fellow, that’s in real life of course, well this response finds its way into social media too! It doesn’t matter what you upload, so far your followers are your real life friends they would always double tap on your photos anytime they see that its from your handle. Its like they are saying we see you, we support you, we are always here for you no matter what. That explains why some people who have just 200 followers get about 160 likes on a photo they post while another person with 2k followers still manage with about 15 likes. (Wicked world)

2. Your followers don’t always see your pictures
This sometimes occur when your followers have so many people that they are following so your photo always gets lost in a river of other photos or you always upload them when they are not online. Followers with different time zones always get affected here. So that is why there is a function like post notification, if a follower turns that on for your handle he or she gets a notification anytime you upload a photo.

3. Your followers do not know how to use Instagram
Really? Yeah! Really! 
They are people like me (before sha o) who created a handle and left it because it didn’t look as interesting as facebook or twitter. Now these people do not know that once they see a photo from their friend that they can do more than just admiring it, getting a screen grap and then keep scrolling down. They do not understand the norms of Instagram, so if you have hundreds of such friends can I say you have a lot of work to do? These kinds of followers need to know that there is such tool and that one can even add a comment on a picture! They come online, post their own photo and go offline. Look out for such followers they need your help.

4. You’re posting pictures that aren’t relatable.
I think that is self-explanatory enough, but if you still ask me “how?” I will also ask you if you remember that picture you posted about how your religion is better than other people’s?
Or what about the one you posted of your Dvd player? Or the one with that yogurt filled cup? 
Most people always love to show off whenever they get a chance to do it on social media, but when you want to post a photo think about the photo in relation to your followers, would they relate to it? Of course its your handle alright and you can post whatever you want but if the low likes affect you then you need to take this advice seriously.

5. You’re posting at the wrong time.
If it’s too early or too late, people have checked out. Mid-morning is usually a good time. People are scrolling on their way to work, on their way back from the gym…on the way out of bed in five more minutes they promise. Think of it this way: If you’re not spending that time scrolling through your feed, not many other people will be either. Save your photos for that common down time when you know they’ll reach the widest audience.

6. You’re posting too often.
If my friend visits Obudu Cattle Range and Instagrams himself inside a cable car, that’s definitely worthy of a like. But then if he Instagrams the door of the cable car…and then the seat…and the glass from the right…and another from the left…I can’t keep up! Even if I could, liking every single picture would make me feel a little obsessive. If you’re out and about, feel free to snap away! But at the end of the day, please pick your favorite and upload. The worst is when some people are out with friends in a restaurant, they upload the spoon first, then the plate of food and then the table cloth….you know how it is.

7. You don’t like other people’s photos
I saw this Movie “vacation” with Regina Hall as Mrs Peterson and Christina Applegate as Mrs. Grisworld. This two are family friends so here they are discussing and Regina Hall is telling Christina how wonderful her family vacation to Paris was and then Christina replied that she saw the lovely pictures on Instagram, then the multi million dollar question was asked “how come you didn’t like them?” 

Note that Christina who is white doesn’t bear any grudge with her black family friend but she falls into the category of followers already listed above that do not really know how to use Instagram, she never knew how far her actions could go by not liking her friend’s photos. 
So she felt really bad and when she got upstairs to her room she grapped her tablet and tried to make atonement for her sins. 

So there are friends who take this Instagram thing really seriously, you don’t get a like back sometimes simply because you do not like your friends photos! You think they don’t notice? Oh hell they do! That’s a very mean thing to do okay? I mean you see your friends upload their photos, just double tap on them, the sky would not fall.

8. Your pictures are ugly
Ooops! Am sorry but its so true. Have you ever noticed how models or just any female on Instagram get tons of likes for their semi nude photos? Now those likes come because the followers think the photos are cool and when anyone think your photo is cool, liking them is a mere involuntary action. So try uploading cool photos, it doesn’t have to look all rich and expensive but at least make them very presentable.

I hope the above points were helpful? But I’d like to reiterate that not receiving likes on your photos on Instagram means nothing and is not reflective of your worth as a person.

Lastly, if you feel inclined to share your Instagram username with me I’d be happy to not only like some of your photos but to provide advice based on what I am able to see.

7 thoughts on “Few reasons why your followers dont like your photos on Instagram

  1. I have 300 followers on IG but whenevet I upload a photo I get just 8 or 9 likes and its probably because I dont like other people's photos or I don't know how IG works. But tanks for the heads up, I will start afresh, lol

  2. What of people who snap cool pics and instead of uploading it on their profile, they use it as a profile picture. Who the hell gives a fuck about an instagram profile picture, its probably as useless as kieller jenner's diploma certificate. These kind of people probably need to learn a lot about instagram

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