DIARY OF A YOUTH CORPER (episode 14) with Onyibo pepper

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Oyibo pepper: I’m not your baby o.

Emeka: You are my baby

Oyibo pepper: Why are you calling?

Emeka:Don’t you want to hear from me anymore?

Oyibo pepper: The truth is you really scared me that night you slept here. I’m not comfortable with you as a friend and I wouldn’t want to hear from you anymore.

Emeka:Baby’m, things are not done that way o

Oyibo pepper: If there’s nothing else to discuss then end your call please…….

No response…then I dropped the call. That was rude anyway and I felt bad about it. Few hours later, I sent him an SMS to apologise.

A very cold night it was as I tossed and turned my lonely self in bed. Today was clearance at the Local Government Secretariat so I did not bother to wake on time. I had to fill my empty water drum, wash my clothes and clean up my room but I wasn’t in the mood for all that. I still had to drag myself out of bed and go in search of water as my source was locked. I called Cynthia (my ‘Nka anuwa’ friend) and she said they pumped water the previous day so I could come fetch. I was sure of free water too so I went there and true to our friendship, she gave me free buckets of water. Few minutes later, I was all dressed up and ready for clearance. I got to the Secretariat, clearance done, then a fellow Legal Aid member walked up to me. 

She is Corper Loveth and we attended the same higher institution. She said I should help give a CDS Attendance Card to the same guy who asked what I’ll give him in return if he pays N100.00 for my CDS Attendance Card. I refused to do that initially but changed my mind on a second thought. I collected the card from her then I left the premises with Corper Nneka and Corper Oge. We went to Shoprite and the rain caught up with us while we were there. The next three hours saw us stuck in Shoprite and I was lucky to see a man whose office is in the same building with mine so I asked him for a ride and he obliged. I and Oge left Nneka behind as she was heading to another direction.

I got home few minutes later and Onyeka (lunch guy) called. He asked if I’m home and that he will be visiting soon. I had to set my laundry and clean up aside until after Onyeka’s visit. Few minutes later he came, we talked and he apologised for the long silence and all that. I forgave him but I had to ask for cost as I took a quick glance at my empty containers of rice, beans and garri. He had to fill them up and he agreed to my terms. He left few minutes later and I did my laundry. EEDC performed so well and I was grateful. I had coco pops for dinner and lay in bed, waiting for hunger to come upon me again.

Chinedu visited later and graced me with a second dinner. He wanted to stay for dinner but I insisted I wanted to dine alone biko. I bade him goodnight few minutes after.

The night was cold….very cold!!! I woke the next morning to hear my neighbour singing an abridged version of Steve Crown’s “You are great”. I smiled as I headed to the bathroom. I had a matter at the High Court in Ogidi so I knew I had to meet my Oga at the petrol station. I was at the office before 8am and at the petrol station before 8:15am.

This is the first time I would be appearing before this particular Judge and I had heard stories of how he is fond of interrupting and shouting down on lawyers. I anticipated a funny moment in court and my prediction came to pass. I wouldn’t want to go into details of what transpired in court for certain reasons but my Oga was angry for the rest of the day and this affected my ‘transport’…(Hehehehehe…this is injustice)

We went to Onitsha High Court from Ogidi because my Oga wanted to find out if the court will sit the next day. When we got there, we were informed that Judges will be having their pre-vacation meeting the next day so it won’t sit. I was opportune to enter Justice Okonkwo’s chamber as he and my Oga chatted away in Igbo language. He told me I should hurry up and learn the language and I replied that I was learning real fast.

We returned to the office and few hours later, Oga sent for me. I just knew he really wanted to clear his mind by talking about what transpired in court so I went into his tastefully furnished office and sat there for hours listening to him….(eheeeen, so something can pain this my Oga like this? Last last, we be real dust o) I told him I will be leaving and he asked that I should make plans to attend the special session that will be held tomorrow for a deceased senior lawyer. I said I’ll try to attend but I knew I won’t because I don’t like to see coffins. Few minutes later, he bade me goodnight.

As I negotiated the bend that leads to my house, a young man ran up to me….

Man:Aunty, no vex o. Igwe na kpö gi. (Igwe is calling you)

Oyibo pepper: (oh no. Are we doing this again? I thought we had outgrown all these nonsense) Who is Igwe? Mtchewww…Hapumaka biko. (it was high time I started showing my little Igbo speaking talent)

Man:(smiles) Aunty, mek you just try go see am. E fit bless your life.

Okay, I looked up and saw a black range rover then a hand signaled to me to come over…..imagine that….so ‘Igwe‘ cannot walk up to me??? (It’s not me that you people will kidnap anyway) I put my face down and walked into my house….!

I felt so tired and hungry as I collapsed on my bed with my clothes on. I had to fetch water, clean my house and cook if possible….I began to wonder why bad things happen to good people. Was the workload too much or was I just being lazy? Anyway, I scrapped cooking off my To-do list and went in search of water. As darkness covered the face of the earth, Emeka started a conversation on WhatsApp. We chatted for a while then I told him I’ll call him whenever I feel like accepting his apology. I tried watching a movie but I woke up in the middle of the night to shut down the Pc.

Wednesday morning came and I sent my Oga an SMS feigning ill health and asking for a day off work. I did not want to attend the special session and I’m sure my Oga knew that was the main reason and not ill health. I did my laundry and pressed my khaki against the next day….thanks to generous EEDC. When I was done with all that, I had my bath, ate noodles and retired to bed…lol. This old friend of mine had been calling consistently for a while now and I knew something was in the offing. Let’s call him Peter. Peter will call in the morning, afternoon, night and the hours in between. I played along…anything to fight boredom please. I got a message on BBM from an old friend saying he will be passing through Onitsha tomorrow and would love to see me. My hope was raised so high as I anticipated a little palm greasing. 

Tonight was particularly cold and I had to consider getting married. Damn!!!! I could literally touch the cold. I woke up shivering then I smiled to myself when I thought of what the married folks are enjoying….not all of them though.

The following morning, I was still in bed when that old friend of mine called that he is in Onitsha. I brushed my teeth, dressed up and ran out of the house without having my bath….nobody will know joor. I met this guy few minutes later and he was just busy from one call to the other. We walked a short distance to where he will get a bus to wherever he was headed. When the calls finally ended, I told him that I should be going for my CDS and he said it was nice seeing me again…imagine o…God will judge. 

When I got home, the corper whose CDS Attendance Card was in my possession called asking me to help him sign his card. I quickly reminded him that when I asked a favour from him, he asked for something in return. I told him that it’s a very small world. I also told him not to bother calling as I will not sign the card….i’m not that wicked anyway.

I arrived the CDS venue at 10:21am and was only too glad that the ZI was not yet around. Being the last Thursday of the month, it was a general CDS and no group meetings. At the end of it all, ZI reiterated the need for Batch B Corp members to stop travelling as our Passing out was upon us.

Nnenna accompanied me to the market at the close of CDS to buy weave-on then I went home afterwards. Few hours later, Peter called that he’s coming to Onitsha to see me. I knew it…there’s no smoke without fire. He stays in Awka and said he will be going back to Awka that night but he ended up staying till Saturday. I appreciated the company though it was inconveniencing and I was not prepared for it. Peter is an intelligent guy and I loved to have mature conversations with him as well as I hated to share my room with him. The day ended on a good note though I couldn’t sleep at night. It happens whenever I have visitors in my bed.

I woke on Friday morning like it was every other Friday, forgetting that we had a matter at Ozubulu. The Secretary called and asked if I was not going to court. That was when I checked my diary and saw the entry I made against the date. I got ready for work hoping that Peter will get the cue but he insisted he will wait upon my return. I got to the office, stayed for an hour and left because there was nothing to do. I stopped by the salon to tell my hair stylist that I’ll be coming to make my hair on Saturday.

I was so bored this particular evening that I called all and sundry so we could hang out somewhere but everyone gave me excuses. Friday slowly came to an end….

Saturday morning showed up so bright and beautiful….and I made up my mind that Sunday must not meet Peter in my house. I told him I was going to make my hair but I needed to withdraw first so he followed me to the bank where I made use of the ATM. Thereafter I calmly escorted him to where he would get a bus to Awka. I was glad he was gone. Whew!!!

Minutes later, I was at the salon making my hair. Everyone who came into the salon kept saying ‘Isi Amaka‘…guess it meant that the hair is fine. I answered ‘Daalu‘ and the hair stylist will go into a fit of laughter, telling them that I’m not an Easterner. Hair done, I went home and did a thorough clean up. Then I called Emeka and he asked me to come to Dolly Hills Hotel. I wanted to carry my swimsuit but I remembered I just had my hair done so I had to expunge all desires to swim. I went there, downed few bottles, ate isi-ewu and called it a day.

I woke on Sunday with a genuine desire to be in church that morning. I really can’t explain what happened but I ended up spending the day in bed…..(covers face) I just slept, slept and refused to wake.

The vacation of courts of superior record had begun but my Oga just filled August up with Magistrate court matters. I wanted to take holiday lessons this month but my diary stated otherwise so I was stuck with work still. I went to bed feeling so glad that we had no matter the following day but I guess fate had its own plans….
(Dairy of a youth corper returns next week, Please keep a date)

11 thoughts on “DIARY OF A YOUTH CORPER (episode 14) with Onyibo pepper

  1. Hmmmm this life's not fair ooo.Free breakfast lunch dinner & transportation, I dey envy you too! Do you even touch your allowee at all? EFCC must probe this Lol. Interesting though I couldn't finish reading half of the story.

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